The Project of Energy Efficiency and Environment in Buildings Participation in the Climathon 2020 Event

The project of Energy Efficiency and Environment in Buildings (EEEB) is one of the sponsors of the Climathon Global Event.

Climate change is currently one of the most important and major emerging crises of the world community and humanity and is one of the most complex and extensive scientific, economic, social, and even political issues at various levels of the world. Given that estimates suggest that by 2050, 68 percent of the world's population (approximately 6.7 billion people) will live in urban areas, urban management cannot be considered without regard to greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to the effects of climate change since one of the most important components of sustainable cities is taking into account the issue of resilience in the face of climate change (achieving an increase in the adaptive capacity of cities in reducing the effects of climate change).

Climathon is a program based on achieving sustainable cities that provides an opportunity to create local ideas to address the common challenges of climate change and a clear path to action and engagement in this area. Climathon's goal is to increase public awareness of the phenomenon of climate change and its effects on the future of cities and communities.

Climathon 2020 is about empowering people to take joint climate actions in their own communities, which does not necessarily mean finding complete solutions or quick fixes for climate change. Climathon is a global movement to collaborate and come up with ideas to raise awareness in the field of climate change. The event seeks to bring communities and decision-makers together to change behavior over the long-term and come up with new ideas to address this challenge in their own country.

Those interested in participating in this program can get more information through the following link and register for the event:

You may also read the comments of Nasim Shekari, National Project Manager of the EEEB project, about Climathon event via the following link:


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