Introduction of Pilot projects

Introduction of Pilot projects

By Navid Bagheri, Energy Label Expert

The cornerstone of the Project is a successful implementation of targeted number of EE pilot projects in residential and public buildings. Through pilot projects implementation of key regulations, tools and mechanisms as developed within the Component 1 will be tested, refined and demonstrated.

There is 4 batch in Pilot Projects:

The 1st batch of pilots includes 22 public building (2019)

The 2nd batch of pilots includes 170 residential buildings (2019)

The 3rd batch of pilots includes 8 public buildings (2020)

The 4th batch of pilots includes 200 residential buildings (2020)

Demonstration and feasibility of New Energy Efficiency (EE) Technologies

A successful ESCO business model-designed, engineered, installed, operated and maintained EEEB pilot project

Implementing proposed solutions to reduce energy consumption in selected pilot buildings

Identify actual challenges of implementation of the ESCO business model

Delivery of the Prototype of White certificate based on the result of the demo project

Implementation of demo projects piloted in selected buildings by assigned ESCOs under the ESCO business model developed

A policy for scaling up and replicate demonstration projects are in place

No. of buildings completed and operational pilot projects