Energy Efficiency and Environment in Buildings Project Equipped a Laboratory

Energy Efficiency and Environment in Buildings Project Equipped a Laboratory

The Project of “Energy Efficiency and Environment in Buildings (EEEB)” equipped the Energy Laboratory of the Road, Housing & Urban Development Research Center (BHRC) as Reference Laboratory in building sector.

Adel Mohaghegh, the expert on the EEEB Project, stressed that "In our country, the poor quality of building material in terms of energy efficiency, along with improper quality of the construction process, has led to significant energy loss in building shell". He added, “In recent years, building physics laboratories have generally focused on the role of materials in structural load-bearing, material strength, fire and sound resistance.  However the lack of information and energy labeling system for building materials has caused manufacturers to be reluctant to improve their products from the energy efficiency point of view".

Relying on these conditions, equipping building laboratories with an energy efficiency approach has been on the agenda of the EEEB Project.

Accordingly, due to the high cost of equipping and maintaining the building material laboratory, active laboratories inside the country were identified, and according to the available equipment and actions taken by the BHRC in the field of energy, the Energy Laboratory of this center, which has many years of experience working on building shells and walls, as well as compiling Article 19 of the National Building Code, has been recognized as one of the most suitable reference laboratories in the building sector.

Regarding the equipping this laboratory, Mohaghegh, stated: " with the launch of the energy efficiency market in buildings and increasing awareness in this field, It is anticipated that the need for expanding and supplying the production chain of qualified materials will increase. Therefore, equipping this laboratory is necessary for providing quality approval of building materials."

According to the shortcomings and needs of BHRC Center in building shells, the equipment was selected and purchased by EEEB Project and loaned to the Energy Laboratory of the BHRC  in an official meeting dated August 7, 2019, with participation of the National Project Manager (NPM) and the Director of the Energy Office of the BHRC.

Nasim Shekari, the NPM of the EEEB Project, stated: “In order to support energy service companies, start-ups and knowledge-based companies and in accordance with what has been stated in the minutes of the meeting for delivery of this equipment to the BHRC, the mentioned companies can use that equipment if they are introduced by the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology and the EEEB Project.

The concise introduction of the delivered equipment is presented.

Gas Monitoring Systems

The device monitors and detects different types of gases and will be used to detect the type and amount of gas released in the room.

Gas Fill Analyzer Handheld

The device is a gas analyzer and diagnostic sensor that is used to measure the speed and volume of gas flow passing through building ducts.

Ultra-Sensitive Heat Flux Plate & Foil Heat Flux Sensor, Flexible with data logger

These are sensitive plates for measuring thermal flux that are installed on the shell and walls of the building to determine the amount of heat transfer. Along with these plates, data loggers have also been purchased to transfer information online and through the memory card.

Climate Measuring Instrument

The instrument is a sensor for measuring temperature and humidity. It is portable and it will provide researchers with information related to the comfort and convenience condition of the residents in the building.

Robust Hot Bulb Probe

The device is a type of speedometer that is used to measure the speed and volume of airflow through building ducts.


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