Update on Relevant Laws and Bylaws Regulating the Energy Efficiency and Environment in Building Sector of I.R. Iran

Key laws, policies, strategies, frameworks and studies are approved and in place to provide overall national direction for the cost-effective CO2 mitigation/building EE measures and facilitation of cross-sectoral coordination and coherence for improved enforcement.




Current law on Energy Eefficiency in Iran:


Article #

Description of action

Responsible organization


Developing regulations for energy consumption in buildings with orientation toward green building and developing regulations for energy consumption in urban development. To be done in coordination with Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Interior and Plan and Budget Organization (change to Management and Planning Organization) within one year.

Ministry of Roads and Urban Development


Issuance of building construction completion permit in accordance with regulations developed based on article 18.



Embed required equipment to control consumption of energy carriers within their own buildings in accordance with regulations that will be developed based on article 18.

All government organizations


Execution of energy audit, implementation of energy management systems and education of staff within their own buildings.

All executive and public agencies


Compiling standard for building materials with prioritizing energy-intensity related materials in buildings.

National Standard and Industrial Research Organization


Implementation of regulations developed by Construction Engineering Organizations by all natural and legal bodies.


Other building license permit issuance officials